Announcement of the Hegemon

Orson Scott Card foretold the Future in his Epic Novel “Enders Game” The world was divided by Geopolitical Alliances, including the Sharia Based Islamic Caliphate. The United States had essentially closed it’s borders and continued with somewhat of a Constitutional Government. The aid to the Islamic Sharia Based Countries was stopped, large amounts of resources were poured into a Defensive Military and Energy Independence…

…it is time to Close our Borders, Clean out our Corrupt Politicians with term limits and SWORN Allegiance to the Constitution of the United States and defend IT’S citizens their God Given Civil Rights. We should immediately remove the United States from the “United Nations” and STOP ALL AID to Countries that do not Live up to the Human Rights Given to Humanity by the US Constitution and Bill of Rights!

We MUST stop bending OUR morals and Laws to those of Tyrannical Theocratic States. The United States Departments of massive “Progressive” Regulatory States MUST be dismantled to manageable sized Libertarian Based Entities. We Americans All Want CLEAN AIR and Water, but we can use American Technologies and Energy Resources to provide OUR people the best quality of Free Human Existence under GOD.

American Leadership Must Abandon ALL connections to Sharia Based Islam or Theocratic Governance, especially within the United States. Citizenship MUST be granted by sworn allegence to the US Constitution!

Hegemon Peter Wiggin