Church of State

from “Campfire Songs”


Travel and Day at “Home”

…after the 1st week at the Recording Workshop, I found myself filled with both excitement and doubts. Could two months of immersive education actually prepare me to start a career in a new direction at this point in my life? 

Would I start to grasp the science at the same time that I actually feel comfortable at a large analog studio console. Would I have enough musical talent to perform and record some original material? I traveled home, but felt such a strong drive to get back to the school and get on with business. 

 Went to campsite after returning and practiced some original material. Decided that I should learn some music theory and practice my scales while I’m here!

Bald Eagle Nest…

Got home to visit for a night and saw the Wife and Grandkids. Before the Great Adventure, we had set the Grandkids up with Ohio Bird Sanctuary camp and Vacation Bible School. This is a Bald Eagle’s nest that has fallen from a tree in the Sanctuary.,,. 


…and here’s a blurry picture from the 1st day of Bible School. Lovey and Bun…(Brandon and Preston) this is Bun’s 1st social experiment!    

 Lovey and Bun…