The Definition of Tyranny…

“Horrible Service”

…These people Crushed the Freedoms of Americans and Robbed them of their Constitutional Rights all the while to INFLUENCE the election and elect this Ideology Driven President. The “Freezing” of these 501(3/4)c of libertarian “Tea party” constitutional Political Opponent is TREASONOUS and not just poor services. Then the apparent indiscriminate ability to just LIE under oath without serious regard. . . TARGETING…that’s also what the President did at the United Nation…TARGETING Americans for “Slander”… The Empowering of the Islamofascists through the Muslim Brotherhood is Treason to the Country.

They Testified that this essentially goes up to the “Human Shield” of leftist and “Progressives” that surround the President but he is basically never told anything. Eric Holder and the DOJ has now become the “Blackmail” wing of the Chicago Islamofascist Obama Mafia. Valarie Jarrett is indeed a “creepy” Character. Wiretapping the Congress in the guise of “National Security” with the Tyrannical THREAT of The DOJ.

The OBAMACARE TAX Legislation was not presented to the American People as a TAX…going as far as the President suggesting that the media was making things up. Nancy Pelosi says that we had to PASS the Health Bill to find out what was in it…and what was in it was apparently the largest TAX in the history of the country. The President is a Liar! The Presidents Men are Liars. Even the Media has become Liars…

Your healthcare will be managed by a Federal Agency. Your finances will be managed by a Federal Agency. Your Food will be managed by a Federal Agency. Your Habits will be managed by a Federal Agency. But guess what…the Government “CLASS” of people will live lives far better than the “Pedestrian” class that they will manage (CONTROL). They are already proving it with their behaviors and TREASURES that they maintain. Exemptions from the very LAWS that they pass to Regulate YOUR behavior.

Arrest Eric Holder…

…Impeachment now!


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