President to Speak


Obama is an empty suit Manchurian…he was groomed and placed…he knows nothing and hears nothing, but replacing him may be the Alinski way to induce the Bottom Up Uprising requiring Top Down Military Action and Suspension of Constitutional Rights…

…you see They are playing a Game with Life and Death. They are only Human, but they are the 0.01%ers who will Die like anyone else, but for now playing games Internationally is their Existence. Soros, Bloomberg and a few others in America playing with the Saudis,Russians and Chinese. Their Board is the World and you know the Countries they “own”. The “Pedestrian” humanity will be Controlled or Crushed and millions will Die. That is just how Humanity is…

Attempting to remove this “Character” is the reason why he is president (sic)
…they will move another Chess piece and more will Die…America, Her Constitution and Bill of Human Rights are the Very prize and Destruction is their goal…

Fundamental Change is bigger than any one Person…

…Impeach Him Now!!!


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