Happy Mother’s Day!

Happy Mother’s Day

Just watched Congressmen Rogers and Smith Lie to the World regarding the Truths that we face today. I wonder what their Mothers think about them. That they have risen above the “Pedestrian” American population. That American Citizens can not be told Truth about the World War III starting in Syria with both sides having their Own “version” of Orthodox Islam or that their Politician children are basically LIARS having a pretend discussion on the Middle East.

The President (the buck stops here) has been extremely transparent in his desire to Interfere with World Politics. Iran and Russia back the “Secular” Assad regime against the More EXTREME Orthodox Islamofascist Syrian “Rebels” and Who Does our Governement want to side with…Radical Anti-American Islamofascists wanting SHARIA control over their “Pedestrian” citizens. I know that President Obama’s Mother is proud of the direction her son is taking the World.

“Representatives” (sick) Rogers and Smith JOKED that they can “get together” in a secure basement room and review files that discuss apparently the actual “truth”, but if they did tell the TRUTH on TV that they both would end up in “Orange” jumpsuits. Sound like THEY are afraid of a “Tyranical” Government! They wouldn’t make my deceased Mother Proud. TELL THE TRUTH!!!

….for our Moms


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