The Definition of Tyranny…

“Horrible Service”

…These people Crushed the Freedoms of Americans and Robbed them of their Constitutional Rights all the while to INFLUENCE the election and elect this Ideology Driven President. The “Freezing” of these 501(3/4)c of libertarian “Tea party” constitutional Political Opponent is TREASONOUS and not just poor services. Then the apparent indiscriminate ability to just LIE under oath without serious regard. . . TARGETING…that’s also what the President did at the United Nation…TARGETING Americans for “Slander”… The Empowering of the Islamofascists through the Muslim Brotherhood is Treason to the Country.

They Testified that this essentially goes up to the “Human Shield” of leftist and “Progressives” that surround the President but he is basically never told anything. Eric Holder and the DOJ has now become the “Blackmail” wing of the Chicago Islamofascist Obama Mafia. Valarie Jarrett is indeed a “creepy” Character. Wiretapping the Congress in the guise of “National Security” with the Tyrannical THREAT of The DOJ.

The OBAMACARE TAX Legislation was not presented to the American People as a TAX…going as far as the President suggesting that the media was making things up. Nancy Pelosi says that we had to PASS the Health Bill to find out what was in it…and what was in it was apparently the largest TAX in the history of the country. The President is a Liar! The Presidents Men are Liars. Even the Media has become Liars…

Your healthcare will be managed by a Federal Agency. Your finances will be managed by a Federal Agency. Your Food will be managed by a Federal Agency. Your Habits will be managed by a Federal Agency. But guess what…the Government “CLASS” of people will live lives far better than the “Pedestrian” class that they will manage (CONTROL). They are already proving it with their behaviors and TREASURES that they maintain. Exemptions from the very LAWS that they pass to Regulate YOUR behavior.

Arrest Eric Holder…

…Impeachment now!


President to Speak


Obama is an empty suit Manchurian…he was groomed and placed…he knows nothing and hears nothing, but replacing him may be the Alinski way to induce the Bottom Up Uprising requiring Top Down Military Action and Suspension of Constitutional Rights…

…you see They are playing a Game with Life and Death. They are only Human, but they are the 0.01%ers who will Die like anyone else, but for now playing games Internationally is their Existence. Soros, Bloomberg and a few others in America playing with the Saudis,Russians and Chinese. Their Board is the World and you know the Countries they “own”. The “Pedestrian” humanity will be Controlled or Crushed and millions will Die. That is just how Humanity is…

Attempting to remove this “Character” is the reason why he is president (sic)
…they will move another Chess piece and more will Die…America, Her Constitution and Bill of Human Rights are the Very prize and Destruction is their goal…

Fundamental Change is bigger than any one Person…

…Impeach Him Now!!!

Happy Mother’s Day!

Happy Mother’s Day

Just watched Congressmen Rogers and Smith Lie to the World regarding the Truths that we face today. I wonder what their Mothers think about them. That they have risen above the “Pedestrian” American population. That American Citizens can not be told Truth about the World War III starting in Syria with both sides having their Own “version” of Orthodox Islam or that their Politician children are basically LIARS having a pretend discussion on the Middle East.

The President (the buck stops here) has been extremely transparent in his desire to Interfere with World Politics. Iran and Russia back the “Secular” Assad regime against the More EXTREME Orthodox Islamofascist Syrian “Rebels” and Who Does our Governement want to side with…Radical Anti-American Islamofascists wanting SHARIA control over their “Pedestrian” citizens. I know that President Obama’s Mother is proud of the direction her son is taking the World.

“Representatives” (sick) Rogers and Smith JOKED that they can “get together” in a secure basement room and review files that discuss apparently the actual “truth”, but if they did tell the TRUTH on TV that they both would end up in “Orange” jumpsuits. Sound like THEY are afraid of a “Tyranical” Government! They wouldn’t make my deceased Mother Proud. TELL THE TRUTH!!!

….for our Moms

Why it Makes a Difference…

Why It Makes A Difference!

The President of the United States is a liar. Not a tiny weenie white liar, but a Sociopathic Liar. His word is not worth the air he is allowed to use to say it. Why Does It Make A Difference? It is because the leader of the Free World MUST be Trusted. When the President of the United States is willing to repeatedly Testify to lies, then who should our Children look up to? Sports Figures? When everyone within the Obama Administration is willing to SAY and do anything regardless of TRUTH, then why would anyone in the WORLD believe in America or Her Freedoms.

The recent admission to IRS intimidation against “Tea Party” shows the level of tyrannical Leadership that Mr. Obama is willing to stoop. With the passage of the Obama Care TAX legislation, imagine the CONTROL that our Massive “Progressive” Government will inflict on the Freedoms guaranteed to AMERICAN Citizens by Crushing the Constitution and Bill of Rights through a Tyrannical Regulatory State.

Why does it make a Difference when I have lost Faith in the Government of the People, when the President of the United States is Liar, manipulator and Sociopathic Collective Salvation Freak? It matters because now I don’t trust any national political leadership of either or any party. I don’t trust the Fairness of the system that is being foisted on ME.

I don’t believe that these leader don’t have Death Panels, because I know of Their Complete Lives System and Statistical Differentials. Outcomes Based Medicine. The Truth is there will be and always has been Death Panels, but they won’t tell you the Truth and we know they are all Liars. Why, because our President is a Liar. There is not enough of Everything for Everybody to have All. They WILL run out of Other People’s Money.

President Obama’s latest thing is to imply that people are being “Self Radicalized”. Now He Will tell you this Lie through his Minions, the FBI, CIA or The State Department, DHS but WE now Know that they are ALL ADMITTED Liars like the President. You see, nobody is SELf Radicalized. The media, movies, TV, news let alone Violent Video Games and the Stupid Divisive Political Rhetoric to organize Communities Against each other with Anger and Hate are seen by most people and guess what? The LIARS own all those people. The are admittedly used by Their Masters to Push Their Agenda. They believe that the Non-Political Class are “Pedestrian” hardly someone who needs to be told the Truth.

This is why it makes a difference, because now I have been manipulated (not Self Radicalized) into not believing anything that my Government says or does. I will take Mr. Obama ‘s Speech to the United Nations and now know that he LIED to the World because of HIS need to Push HIS Anti-American/Anti-Constitutional Agenda on the World. Some Illusion of World Peace through Redistributive Change in World Power. Empowerment of an Anti-Separation of Church and State World run by Religious Theocrats. His Vision includes an Islamic Caliphate where an Orthodox Unified Islam crushes IT’S Citizens with Anti-Human Rights Shari’a based Muslim Brotherhood Rule.

Even if you tell me now that it is just a Crazy Right Wing Conspiracy, I won’t believe you because now I have lost faith in My Country, My People and my God. Why, because my President is a Liar! That’s why It Makes A Difference Continue reading