January 8th Letter to Glenn Beck

Great show and vision. My question is how will you merge with Contributors when your personal vision is still clouded?

Listening tonight I realized why I was one considering leaving the Blaze Family. I am closer to Penn Jillette than to Glenn Beck because Glenn Beck hasn’t realized his full Understanding. Tonight’s intro with the Council on Foreign Relations explained everything’s me. Why would so many people follow a phony “Progressive” movement when it means slavery and bondage to the state. These leaders, Ivy League Educated International “Thinkers”, so fear Mankind that any control is better than the American Libertarian anarchy the Constitutional freedoms guarantee.

They see Radical Sharia Theocratic Control, guided by the Muslim Brotherhood to have a more reasonable outcome for humanity than anything an American Loving Tea Partying Christian could ever envision because those people DON’T understand how EVIL people really are.

I have written, followed, participated. I am educated self employed Physician, but my life feels empty because the vision of our future is moving farther away from MY dreams. My being calls me to leave and follow a vision for humanity’s future. The songs I wrote from your shows are Powerful and available. I even slipped the originals to Pat at the Columbus Barns and Noble!

Slave to their Carbon Footprint and Dismantled sum up humanity. Hone our Minds is a beautiful call for humanity’s change and Comfortable in Your Own Skin is a call to accept yourself and others including the human condition of failure and pain.

This is the failings of Glenn’s Vision. He must fight the condemnation of mankind and accept that freedom brings with it the Horrors that the CFR members fear. There are so many people’s who are of God, In God and have the potential of God’s creation in the World and all should be called but the tenets of a New Christian Faith should be the Vision.

All are of God. All are a part of the Body Christ and the acceptance of all as the “New” Christians.

This spring Peter Wiggin may become a household name. If you have never read Orson Scott Card’s Enders Game and the subsequent novels you really should. Hint America builds walls and Islam establishes a massive Caliphate.

Sincerely yours,

Peter Wiggin


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