I Am Peter Wiggin

This spring my name should become significantly more famous, although this will have nothing to do with myself, I thought it might make a great time to introduce myself to the world. You see, this spring comes the release of Orson Scott Card’s infamous book, Ender’s Game, to the big screen and the emphasis on a main character named “Peter Wiggin”.

Since the advent of the Internet there have only been three famous Peter Wiggins’, that being myself, Card’s and the famous IT guru from Australia. I myself, have always considered myself as the main Peter Wiggin. I have used the moniker of Wigone with the advent of AOL and stole the nickname Wig from my brother Thomas (Thomas Wiggin also being a character in Ender’s Game.) So previously it you Googled Peter Wiggin you would get the IT guy and more recently Ender’s, now I hope to move up on the list with my new Blog Site at WordPress.

You see, my only goal is to change the World!



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